About the Virtual Conference

First register for the conference. Conference content and events are only available to those signed in with a completed registration.

Once registered, you will receive login details to the portal.

Access the conference portal HERE 

(your login details are in the email that you would have received from LLLP2021@abbey.ie with the subject title: Final Confirmation Email and Login Details)

Most of the conference format will be very familiar to previous LLLP delegates. Parallel sessions, Plenary talks and Posters and Short Orals will feature. During the conference days there will be video Q&A or text Q&A for live sessions.  

Pre-recorded material will be available for our delegates to  browse and engage with outside of the live session times. 

We are also working hard behind the scenes to bring you some entertaining social events, and the conference meeting hub will be open to all delegates to ensure everyone will have an opportunity to connect with the other conference attendees.

We are changing the usual structure of the conference day and running it at times that will enable participation within sociable hours, from as many locations as possible. There will be two blocks of sessions each day. We aim to ensure that most delegates will be able to find some content of interest live at the times they are online. Event and program times will appear to delegates in the time their computer’s “local” time.
We expect delegates to dip in and out of the meeting rather than sitting through large blocks of sessions, maybe scheduling catch-up chats in our dedicated meeting hub with other delegates they are keen to talk to.
All the discussion sessions will be recorded and available online for registrants in the days after the conference so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. 

Attending the Conference online

Once registered, you will receive login details for the conference portal, which you can access HERE

Save the login details somewhere accessible, or you can search for the email from LLLP2021@abbey.ie with the subject heading “Final Confirmation Email and Login Details.”

The virtual conference will be a new experience for us all and rest assured we will be providing sufficient technical support to ensure the process is a smooth, enjoyable and interactive one for all attendees. The team at Abbey will be online during the event in ‘Live Support’ to offer technical assistance to any attendees who require it as well as providing pre event support and instruction to speakers on the platform and presentation recordings.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the conference platform!

We have also added details of some of the features available to delegates that enhance the LLLP Virtual experience!

This real-time option lets virtual delegates engage in real-time connections with other attendees.

Users of Meeting Hub can search for other attendees, request meetings, and when accepted engage in a video conversation, just like during a live event!

Accepted meetings between attendees will also appear in their personal timeline as part of their programme.

You can also exchange contact details with other attendees or exhibitors and email these contact details to yourself.

Virtual ePosters

The Poster Gallery is a new feature. Introduction videos about their posters can be added by the presenter. Attendees can mark favourites, search based on theme, author etc. and the meeting hub feature is accessible in the gallery to allow attendees to connect with poster presenters.

Abbey Conferences, our conference platform hosts, will set up a live support or conference information desk, where they can answer technical and event questions in real time with virtual attendees.

A note box is available for each session to record your notes. A download button is available within the portal to email all notes from all sessions to yourself under the headers of each of the sessions.